About us

WELCOME TO 4×4 Garage Michiels

Garage Michiels in Tienen-Hakendover is a family business with 30 years of experience in the maintenance and repair of cars. You can contact us for maintenance work and repairs of all brands while retaining the manufacturer’s warranty.

We have been selling and maintaining quality second-hand cars with warranty for over 30 years.

All our cars have a maintenance history and are delivered inspection free with car-pass (mileage guaranteed).

We provide warranty according to Traxio warranty condition of which we are a member.

Our vehicles are professionally cleaned inside and out and receive a major overhaul upon delivery.

Would you like more information, or would you like to take a test ride? Please make an appointment by phone.

If you wish, we will also take your car to the vehicle inspection.

You can also contact us for maintenance of your car (4×4 SUV passenger car, small vans) at fair prices.